C# Teacher

Do your need a teacher in C#?

I have long experience teaching C# to IT-companies, schools and programming bootcamps. From beginners to advanced courses. A course is usually 3 days, but I can give courses for 1-15 days.

If you need a C# teacher, please send a mail to oo@happybits.se


I've worked in the IT-industry since the late 90th mainly as a web developer. The last years I've created an led serveral bootcamps in programming for Academy in Göteborg, Stockholm, Stenungsund. The concept is called Accelerated Learning and it only takes 12 weeks for a student to become a junior developer!

Here are some articles about Accelerated Learning (in swedish)

You can checkout my background at LinkedIn

I'm open to freelance jobs at any location around the world (though I usually work around Sweden) or if you have an interesting startup.


Besides C# I have experience teaching:


At my free time I play tennis, do workout and build things with cardboard or clay.

My previous artschool classmate Love Hulten makes beautiful, mysterious, retro-future-steampunkish machines. Check out his website! We have made two project together: a visual synthesizer and a handcrafted tribute to fractals: Echo Observatory and a machine based on Game of Life: Evoboxx


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If you need my service or want to cooperate somehow contact me at:

Oscar Olsson

happybits AB

Phone:+46-73 640 10 23

Email: oo@happybits.se

Org number: 556984-7097